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Our Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a safe space where everyone is welcome to chat and connect with others who may possibly be able to relate to you and who share their journeys. It is full of comforting quotes and posts and everybody is always there as a shoulder to cry on. It also contains regular updates of any events or meetings. Please feel free to join our group.


Bi-Weekly Meetings

Empowering Others

Forget Me Not Baby Loss Support Group is based in Laindon, Basildon. Every other Wednesday of the month, we gather with our friendly support group at Manor Mission Church, SS15 6PA. We welcome you, and any friends and family that may need a chat. Or, to simply listen to others who may possibly relate to your life. Baby loss can be one of the loneliest feelings in the world, and our aim is to eliminate that feeling by bringing together all different people who have also walked on your path.

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