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Charity Number 1111344

​Making a difference 

Your donations really do make an impact to those that have experienced the loss of an unborn child, in many different ways.

Over the many years that Karla founded the Forget-me-not Support Group, she has supported 100's of families and touched the lives of so many​, there is the Forget Me Not Garden at Pitsea Crem, the unspeakable Forget Me Not Bereavement Suite at Basildon Hospital which recent donations have meant the ward is full of tea, coffee, clothing, plimsoles, clean shower and wash facilities, everything that when you are in grief will reach out and touch your hand in ways we can never be grateful enough for. 

Our group welcomes any opportunity to help a parent that has gone through such a tragic loss.

Forget Me Not Facebook Group


Scan the QR code to check out our Facebook page and become a part of our community. There you will be able to interact with other members and get to know people who have had similar experiences to you. You are never alone and somebody will always be there to support you.

You Can Donate Here   Charity Number 1111344

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We are currently working on improving our website and having a QR code you can scan to donate money direct. All donations are hugely appreciated. If you wish to kindly donate in the meantime, you can do so with the details below. Thankyou x ​FORGET-ME-NOT-SUPPORT-GROUP

SORT CODE: 30-10-52


Charity Number 1111344

​Making a difference 

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