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Forget Me Not Poem

We are the ones God chose to take 

We are the ones you could not awake 

We are the buds you see on a tree 

We are the ones whose spirits run free

We are the bulbs you may plant in spring 

We are the sound when you hear the birds sing 

We are the ones that could not cry 

We are the ones he chose to die 

Our tears are the tips of the morning dew 

We are the ones you never knew 

We are the rain that's left on the grass

The test for life we did not pass 

We are the bees you hear hum 

We had no voice to call you mum 

We are the forest that fragrance the wood

To be with you if only we could 

We are the sun, the clouds, the moon 

We are the blooms that went too soon 

We are that stars that shine above 

We are the ones you could not love 

Forget Me Not's that's what we are 

We grow in your garden not very far

 We are a heart broken in two 

We are the ones who belong to you 

We are the ones you could not share 

We are the empty space you see there 

So really you see in every way 

Forget Me Not for every day 

Author: Lanette Lusk

(19/07/1959- 12/09/2020)

In loving memory 

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